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Imperial's Pricing is All-Inclusive with
No Additional Charges — Period.

Imperial's state-of-the-art facility and processes are designed to accommodate large as well as small quantities while maintaining strict separation and integrity of our customers' linen items.

FAQ Small Linen-Use Customers

How does Imperial's system work for small linen-use customers?

We provide you a metal hamper stand fitted with a laundry bag for your soiled linen. Our professional route personnel will pick up the bag with your soiled linen and replace it with a new, clean bag. We return your clean/pressed/wrapped linen to the location you specify so that the linen you need is always ready..

How is the schedule individualized for small businesses?

We schedule a pick-up and delivery day and time based on your business hours, and we can accommodate your holiday and vacation schedules. We also accommodate your needs in times of emergency, and we're able to make whatever temporary or permanent changes necessary to accommodate those needs. Imperial guarantees that your linen is clean, pressed, ready, and waiting for you. 

Do we need to sign a contract?

No. We are confident that our clients will be satisfied with our superior service. If for some reason our services do not meet your expectations, we will work to meet your needs.
“Imperial’s price list is our contract with you. If our services don’t meet your expectations we won’t hide behind a contract.” 
Gayle Page, President

How are Imperial's services priced?

Imperial's prices are all inclusive and very competitive.

Why is it better to use professional linen services? Can't my medical employees wash their linen at home?

OSHA regulations strictly prohibit this. These regulations are outlined in OSHA Blood-borne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030. We can help keep you, your families, your employees, and your patients safe from possible infection from your workplace.

Why not use the local dry cleaners for lab coats?

It's EXPENSIVE! The average price of cleaning a lab coat at the drycleaners in $8.00 per coat.

How does Imperial give individualized attention to my company's soiled linen?

We make sure that all personal items such as lab coats and scrubs are properly labeled and separated throughout the process. All bulk items are processed in separate batches, ensuring that your soiled linen avoids exposure to other customers' linen. The soiled linen we pick up from you is the same linen we return clean to you.

How does Imperial give individualized attention to its clients clean linen?

We deliver your clean garments right to your office closet for quick access at the start of every shift.  Lab coats and scrubs are laundered, starched, pressed, placed on hangers, and wrapped in protective plastic.

What related services does Imperial offer its customers?

  • An extensive assortment of staff apparel and patient linen from a number of top brands, offering the best in cost, comfort, styling, fit, and durability
  • Apparel catalogs and order forms conveniently available online
  • Full monogramming and embroidery services with many varied fonts
  • Expert service to help you personalize your linens and garments
  • Custom corporate logos, along with archiving for future use
  • Hundreds of beautiful vibrant thread color options

What if we are currently renting our linen?

Imperial primarily processes customer-owned goods. Although renting may initially seem convenient, it quickly becomes substantially more expensive when all charges are considered.  Imperial's prices are all-inclusive with no additional charges. 

How is renting more expensive?

Rental companies have built-in fees to cover linen replacement whether your linen is replaced or not. You usually end up paying several times more than the cost of new linen during its useful life. When you own your linen, you control the quality, the quantity, and the image your linen presents to your customer.

How can clients find out the cost of Imperial's service for our particular needs?

Contact us for a no-obligation quote and a free gift as our thank you for considering Imperial for your laundry needs. Call 713.223.1365 or email