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Imperial’s Pricing is All-Inclusive with
No Additional Charges — Period.

Imperial’s state-of-the-art facility and processes are designed to accommodate large as well as small quantities while maintaining strict separation and integrity of our customers’ linen items.

FAQ Large Linen-Use Customers

How does Imperial’s system work?

We schedule regular pick-up and delivery by Imperial’s courteous, uniformed employees who are fully trained and insured. Soiled linen is collected in carts furnished by Imperial. Clean linen is returned to you in carts with custom-designed plastic liners that are heat-sealed after being filled with your laundry to keep it clean and fresh. Imperial owns all of its trucks, meticulously maintained by our in-house staff.

How is the schedule individualized for your clients?

We adapt to your holiday and vacation closings. We accommodate your needs in time of emergency.

How are Imperial’s services priced?

Imperial’s prices are all inclusive and very competitive for comparable services. We only charge for services rendered, not for extras you may not need or over which you may have no control. You benefit from the economy of scale we are able to offer because of our large, efficient facility.

Does Imperial give individualized attention to my linen items?

We make sure that all your items are kept separate throughout the process. All items are processed in separate batches so the integrity of your linen items are maintained from start to finish.

What related services does Imperial offer its customers?

  • An extensive assortment of staff apparel and linen from a number of top brands, offering the best in cost, comfort, styling, fit, and durability
  • Apparel catalogs and order forms are conveniently available online
  • Full monogramming and embroidery services with many varied fonts
  • Expert service to help you personalize your linen and garments
  • Custom corporate logos, along with archiving for future use
  • Hundreds of beautiful, vibrant thread color options

What if my company is currently renting our linen?

Imperial primarily processes customer-owned goods. Although renting initially may seem convenient, it quickly becomes substantially more expensive when all charges are considered. Rental companies have multiple built-in fees, which are not always applicable or necessary to your situation. Fees to cover linen replacement, whether it is replaced or not, can end up costing you several times more than the cost of new linens during their useful life. When you own your linen, you control the quality and the quantity of your goods, along with the image it presents to your customer.

How can Imperial turn a cost center into a revenue-producing center?

We can help you remove and sell your present laundry equipment so that you can use the space for your greater needs:  storage, a meeting room, offices, a linen management area—you decide. By outsourcing to Imperial you can reduce the stress of:

  • Equipment maintenance, repair, replacement
  • Personnel costs and issues
  • Constantly increasing utilities and laundry supply expenses
  • Inventory issues

How can I find out the cost of Imperial’s service for my particular needs?

Contact us for a no-obligation quote and a free gift as our thank you for considering Imperial for your laundry needs. Call 713.223.1365 or email